Either Caesar - or nothing

the life of Cesare Borgia


Jutta Laroche

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"Either Caesar - or nothing" is a novel about the life of Cesare Borgia in Italy of the 15th/16th century. The son of the controversial Pope Alexander VI. of the scandal-ridden Borgia family is appointed cardinal at a young age and against his will. Later, he resigned the cardinalate and conquered vast areas of central Italy. His ascent to Duke of the Romagna is just as spectacular as his early downfall, initiated by the death of his papal father. Cesare Borgia, who was as much feared in the Renaissance as he was admired, is commonly regarded as the embodiment of evil. He is accused of ruthless bestiality, murder, and incest. This novel tries to do justice to his complex personality without condemnation or sugarcoating. For what man is nothing but good - and what man is nothing but evil?