Arminius - Prince Of The Cherusci

the life of Prince Arminus


Jutta Laroche

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“… out of whose face and eyes shone the fire of his soul” …

this is how the contemporary Velleius Paterculus describes the Roman officer and Prince of the Cherusci Arminius who, together with his followers, annihilated three legions in the year 9 AD.

This historical novel recounts the story of his battles, his love, and his murder. To a large extent, the author chose not to embellish beyond the factual story, but sticks to the written records of Roman historians. The result is a fascinating depiction of a time two millennia ago and the insightfully narrated life story of a man who once challenged a world empire.

A story so gripping and vivid that it will captivate the reader from the first page until the very end.